What You MUST Teach Your Kids About Money

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While growing up I remember parents always complaining about the schools not teaching children how to balance a checkbook. While it’s…

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How To Be Generous Even If You’re Broke

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When you break generosity down to its raw form, it’s made up of two parties: one with surplus and the other…

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How To Think Like A Successful Entrepreneur

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When we think of entrepreneurs, we picture lemonade stands, candy stores, and creative ventures riddling their childhood. Almost as if…

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It’s Rare To See Love This Powerful

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After having a daughter earlier this year, I’ve found myself hesitant to watch videos of kids who were born sick or been…

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Are You Unhappy? Here’s Why…

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Many people don’t know that I’ve been through hundreds of hours of therapy and counseling. In 2013, I paid $1,000 per…

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How To Make Wise Decisions Even When Life Is Chaotic.

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Life seems to be in a constant state of chaos. Much like a washing machine, we often feel like we…

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The Astonishing Power Of “Thank You”. Wow.

Dale Partridge in Life, Relationships, The Daily Positive, Uplifting


Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible people. Men and women of influence and leaders…

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What The Word “Branding” Really Means

Dale Partridge in Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing


Have you ever wondered why companies are willing to pay literally millions of dollars to “brand” or “re-brand” their company?…

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