The Secret To Great Sex In Marriage

Dale Partridge in Faith, Happiness, Life, Relationships - 3 Comments


My wife and I are having our five year anniversary this February. But I remember, in the early months of…

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The #1 Excuse That Will Ruin Your Life

Dale Partridge in Happiness, Health & Nutrition, Life, Relationships - 53 Comments


A few years ago, I was working with a client who was launching a new startup in the tech space. She had been working…

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How to Start A Consulting Business

Dale Partridge in Business, Career - 27 Comments


What if you could have the freedom to choose your own hours, make a few thousand dollars extra per month, take vacations…

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How To Have The Difficult Confrontation You’ve Been Avoiding

Dale Partridge in Leadership, Life, Relationships, The Daily Positive


The word confront is rooted in Latin and means: To turn one’s face toward something or someone. But nobody likes…

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5 Common Website Design Mistakes

Dale Partridge in Business, Making Money Online, Marketing


A few weeks ago during an interview for a magazine, I was asked, “what is the number one tactic behind…

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4 Fun Ways To Strengthen Your Faith

Dale Partridge in Faith, Life


I’ve been following Jesus since November 2005. I’ve made my way through the “newness” chapter and then through the almost…

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5 Things I’ll Teach My Boys About Pornography

Dale Partridge in Faith, Health & Nutrition, Life, The Daily Positive


No healthy person wants to think of a child watching pornography. Sadly, pornographic nudity is almost impossible to escape these days.…

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10 KILLER Gifts Every Man Must Have

McKenna Dempsey in Life


Instead of getting those last minute, not-quite-right gifts this year, check out these affordable (and awesome) finds any man will approve…

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