What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality. Crazy.


Over the past 25 years, physiologists have proven how our sleeping position can teach us a lot about our personality. For me, I am a blend between The Log and The Soldier. These six positions can tells us anything from how we handle anger and stress to how happy, healthy, and personable we can be. […]

ONE Insane Reason To Not Text & Drive


I’ve had 15 friends die over the past 12 years. I’ve spoke at many of their funerals. I’ve had to explain to their parents, girlfriends, and even spouses that they are in a “better place”. Coming from a man who is fully guilty of texting and driving, I write this with pure disapointment in myself. […]

Age 0-14 In Minutes. What this Father Did Was Incredible.


There is something uniquely beautiful about the Father-Daughter relationship. It tells a story of love, protector, guide, and supporter. As I watch this clip, it reminds me how lucky we are to live in a time when capturing these memories is possible. It wasn’t too long ago when photography or video were not available to […]

I Love Bacon, But No Pig Should Be Treated Like This


I believe animals have incredible intrinsic value. While much of society looks at them as only food, I look at them as creatures with physical feeling, instinctive fear and comfort, and most importantly a part of the earth. As I said in my title. I love bacon (typically turkey bacon), but the manner in which […]

They Called Her Fat, But It Was A Good Thing. Wow.


As the Father of a baby girl, I find it scary how the women in our culture often think of themselves. The hurtful thoughts and the distorted definition of beauty. This video is a shocking mirror into the hearts and minds of many women today. While women naturally possess the ability to be empathetic and […]

10 Signs Of An Awesome Mom


I attribute a good portion of my success to sports. From running the field as a pitcher at 9 years old to skateboarding in national competitions across the country. But through the broken bones, the stitches, and the failures one thing was consistent. Mom. As we grow older we forget the hundreds, if not thousands […]

5 Signs of a Truly Happy Person


We spend much of our lives trying to be happy. We go places, we buy stuff, we watch movies, and we get outside. But too often we focus on the things which bring short term pleasure rather than true happiness. I fall short with the rest of you. I spend too much time searching for […]

These Jelly Beans Explain Life Better Than I Ever Could


Death is freaking scary! How much life do you have left? 14,000 Days? Maybe 17,000? From the day we are born we are slowly dying. We are immortal. But today, I encourage you to ask this one important question. How will you make every single day count? We spend hours, months, even years planning our […]

15 Tragic Truths About America. And How to Fix it.


Our leaders are corrupt. Our CEO’s are greedy. Our minimum wage is ridiculous. Our government is failing. These are a few of the problems our generation is facing. If you know me, I’m a fighter. A change agent. A brave entrepreneur who believes in capitalism and our country. But over the past 40 years, America […]

The Scary Reality of What Our Culture Does to Boys


It took joining a one year group therapy course for me to unlearn and heal from the brokenness our culture has cast upon me. It took role play, embarrassment, awkward stories, substantial amounts of crying, and humiliating levels of transparency and honesty to finally reach the surface of healing. To begin restoring a healthy definition […]

Finally! A Legit Way To Keep People Off Their Phones


I am 100% addicted to social media. I check my Instagram account at least 8 times per day. Twitter maybe 5 and email… let’s not go there. While this addiction is easy to offer a friendly chuckle of understanding, it’s also a not-so-friendly wedge between families, spouses, and friends. There is nothing more disrespectful than […]