3 Easy Sales Tricks For Non-Sales People


Closing a sale is a complete mental game. It’s incredible watching savvy sales people lock down a killer deal or relationship…

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Everyone Needs Love Like This


Almost all of our brokenness can be tracked back to the quantity and quality of the love we have experienced.…

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There Is No Perfect Marketing Strategy, Only This…


Growing up my parents told me I should be an attorney or a professional debater. At twelve, a stranger told me…

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How To Breakup Without Breaking Each Other


Guest Post by Samuel Laws My grandparents both met in high school. They fell in love, grew a relationship and have…

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How To Pay Off Student Loans in 5 Years

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 11.15.02 PM

This is a bit awkward… I never went to college. But I am surrounded by the countless friends and relatives…

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3 Smart Questions To Ask Before Sending An Email


Growing up my Dad used to tell me, “be careful what you put in writing, once your words are in…

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7 Tools Every Blogger Must Use


My blog is the backbone to my success. It’s where people go verify my credibility. It’s the place where many…

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How Much Life Do You Have Left? This Will Tell You.


I’m 29 years old and over the past few months, I’ve found myself very aware of how I use my…

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