7 Incredibly Easy Things Guys Can Do to Make Themselves More Attractive


I doubt there is a better place to learn about authentic attraction than in the middle of a marriage. Marriage is…

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How Old Is Too Old To Chase A Dream?


Have you ever asked someone how old they are and it actually takes them a minute to answer you? As…

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The 4 Promises That Keep People Successful


In Hebrew, the word “Adam” can be translated to “remember”. If you know much about the Old Testament and the relationship…

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The 4 Types Of People Who Never Succeed In Business

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.58.35 PM

There are unlimited types of characters in our professional lives. There’s the guy who hates his job and complains to…

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3 Lessons I Taught 2000 Facebook Employees


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to keynote at Facebook’s Global Marketing Summit in downtown San Francisco. The audience…

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You Just Got Screwed Over… Now Do This.


In 2008, I was hanging 18 feet above the ground. My only anchor points were a tiny crimp-hold the size of…

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3 Secrets For Saving Money & Building A Better Life


Three years ago, Veronica and I decided to never buy anything with debt ever again. No cars, credit cards, and…

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The Crazy Science On How Your Brain “Sees” A Logo


Before you scroll down to the infographic below, spend a few seconds listening to what I have to say. I…

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